Our Company History

We have been in business since 1998, and apply the knowledge and experience gained to our customer needs.

Our origins began with our predecessor recycling business, when one of our vendors asked us to recycle expanded polystyrene (eps). We knew that granulated eps had been used in Europe for concrete since the 1950′s and sought to find a precast concrete company in Arizona interested in using eps as an aggregate in some of their products.

We ended up working with two young entrepreneurs who have subsequently built a successful international water feature and waterfall company with distributors and contractors throughout the world. We provide the eps concrete used in their system for building water features and waterfalls. The number of uses for Foam Lite concretes has exploded and now we provide eps concrete form many varying companies.

Our proprietary mixing and packaging system allows us to pre-mix and package Foam Lite concretes in sacks and bulk bags; used by contractors as well as individuals. We continue to improve our packaging process and develope eps concrete new and innovative uses.